About the Trent Vale Landscape Partnership

This is an exciting project which has secured funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund's Landscape Partnerships Programme for a range of activities with a focus on habitats, heritage and people.

Volunteers handing over a reed plug at NWT Besthorpe Nature Reserve. Photograph: Andy WickhamFledborough Viaduct, built in the 1890s, now used by walkers, cyclists and riders. Phtograph Penny Fillingham

The Trent Vale Landscape Partnership is working closely with volunteers and community groups to deliver a range of projects.

We are a group of partners who are delivering projects between January 2010 and December 2012 thanks to a three year £1.6m grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund’s Landscape Partnerships Programme. It is the only Landscape Partnership in the East Midlands to date. Our project area covers the River Trent and its surrounding landscape from Newark in the south to East and West Stockwith, just north of Gainsborough, in the north. It's an area that encompasses 55 parishes with a combined population of 68,000. The focus of our activities is on the habitats and heritage that makes the area so distinctive and the communities that live in it.

We are carrying out a range of work programmes in the area that includes community archaeology, volunteering opportunities, promoting traditional farming, training in conservation management, education, community art, local heritage projects and improving access for people to explore the area through a series of trails and interpretation. We also run a small grants scheme for landowners and community groups wanting to carry out work with a habitats or heritage focus. In total, the Trent Vale Landscape Partnership is bringing a total investment of up to £2.5m to the area.