The Trent Vale Landscape Partnership has five key aims to help us achieve our vision

View of the Trent from Farndon. Photograph: Philip Ingall

The Trent Vale Landscape Partnership aims to

  • Preserve and enhance the natural and built features that make up the historic landscape of the Trent Vale
  • Provide opportunities for people to learn about the Trent Vale’s natural and cultural heritage
  • Train local people in traditional crafts and countryside skills.
  • Protect and enhance the network of public access routes.
  • Conserve, enhance and celebrate the cultural identity of the Trent Vale

Our vision is to create a Trent Vale where:

  • there are a variety of high quality areas for people to access and enjoy
  • locals and visitors understand and embrace the distinctive character of Trent Vale
  • traditional methods of landscape management and farming practices are employed to conserve and restore the rural character of the Trent Vale landscape
  • there is a mosaic of different habitats which support a rich diversity of flora and fauna of national importance
  • restoration of mineral extraction sites contribute to the development of varied and priority habitat rich wetland area
  • there is a wide understanding of the historic environment which is celebrated through the retention of traditional skills, sensitive landscape management to conserve and enhance key heritage features, education and interpretation
  • both the local community and visitors understand the evolution of the area and assist in its sustainable development
  • new enterprises providing local products and developing traditional crafts are encouraged