A Landscape for Learning and Art

People are connecting with the landscape through a range of learning and art activities.

Students on the Trent Vale Diploma in Environmental Conservation

This programme provides opportunities for local children and adults to learn from the landscape around them, providing new connections for locals and visitors to the area.

Landscape for learning and Art Projects

Sustainable Vale

Utilising the nature reserves, heritage features, and the Old Willow Works in the Trent Vale we are delivering a programme of school activities promoting an understanding of the natural heritage of Trent Vale and to highlight sustainability issues such as flooding and energy production. 

Understanding your Landscape

This projects is providing training in key habitat and heritage skills. Working with volunteers and the local community we are providing training in a range of traditional activities such as building techniques, pollarding, coppicing basketry and hedge laying as well as in wildlife identification skills. Training courses are provided throughout the year and give volunteers practical transferable skills utilising sites identified by partners or through the habitats and heritage programme.

A Vale's Tales

This project will work with communities to deliver arts projects exploring and celebrating the Trent Vale including community productions such as videos, oral history, plays, written work and art work. A photography competition will also be delivered as part of this project. The final community projects will then be used to promote the area and encourage both local people and visitors to take an interest in the history and culture of the area. The promotion of the arts projects will be far-reaching to encourage others to use the area. This project will also extend the development of the perception mapping initiated during the development stage. Art produced as part of the Vales Tales project include...

Riverside Writers 'Write on the River' performed by Kismet Theatre Company, Gainsborough - series of film clips.


Learning from the Vale

The aim of this project to to deliver accredited training courses including NVQ Level 1 Diploma in work-based environmental conservation for 40 people per year aged 16+ as well as a series of short courses in skills such as wildlife identification, greenwood skills and biodiversity management.