Living, Working, Relaxing in Trent Vale

Creating access and visitor opportunities within the living, working landscape of the Trent Vale is the focus for this programme.

Trent Vale Landscape Partnership is increasing the number of moorings along the River Trent. Photograph: Penny Fillingham

We are improving access for local people and visitors to the Trent Vale landscape, increasing the number of visitors to the area and providing new and exciting recreational opportunities.

Living, Working, Relaxing projects

Vale Wetlands Trail

Creating and managing restored wetland landscapes in Trent Vale that link key sites and provides accessible information. The sorts of projects this includes is creating reedbed wetland, grassland and improving access at Besthorpe Nature Reserve, working with local communities to develop a management plan for the site, making improvements to wetlands sites around Trent Vale, and providing interpretation that reflects the archaeological, industrial and natural heritage of the area. There are exciting links here with heritage which could see the reconstruction of an Anglo-Saxon Grubenhauser that will be used as a bird hide.

An accessible River

Whilst there are many sites where the riverside is accessible, finding these locations is the challenge for visitors. In addition, current mooring opportunities between Newark and Gainsborough are limited. This project includes riverside improvements at at least 2 sites, including new and improved moorings, opening up to new audiences through improved signage and providing accessible guides for boating

Fishing the Trent

Recognising that one of the largest groups to access the river are anglers this project will work with local landowners and angling associations to provide improved access and install new angling pegs, including training pegs for working with young or new anglers along the River Devon in Newark and the River Trent at Dunham.

Enjoying the Vale

There are a number of county and district-wide promotions to encourage people to access green spaces and promote health living. This project will link up a range of outdoor activities within Trent Vale such as healthy walking and will encourage people to enjoy Trent Vale's activities and the opportunities.