The Lost Vale

We are creating a strong identity for Trent Vale, highlighting key features and encouraging people to visit the area.

We are producing a range of publications to enhance access to the Trent Vale

The aim here is to increase the profile of the Trent Vale at a local and regional level, providing a strong identity for the area, strengthening the sense of place and encouraging people to visit.

The Lost Vale Projects

Identifying the Way

Working with local groups, rights of way teams and Trent Valley Way project teams we are identifying key walking and cycling routes within Trent Vale and how they link with key heritage features and public transport. We are producing a guide to Trent Vale which provides details of key heritage features and activities to explore. It will utilise the outputs of other projects for information and interpretation and will highlight where there are Trent Vale events. There will be information on access issues to facilitate decision making by people with disabilities or limited mobility.

Sustainability Forum

This is a project that will bring together all the projects and partners to establish a strategy for the continued sustainable development of Trent Vale. It will include strategies for continuing conservation and creation of habitats and heritage and will also focus on the development of sustainable tourism and income generation. We are holding a 'Future of Trent Vale Forum' to demonstrate issues within the Trent Vale and to gather the views and support of the public.

The Vale's Identity

We have produced a Trent Vale website which provides information on all activities, web-based materials for use by schools and community groups, maps and guides, and information on heritage, wildlife and access routes. We have also set up a Community Heritage Network for Trent Vale.

Trent Vale Festival

This will comprise a series of events in the final year of the project which bring together all the various elements and link with other major regional events. There will be a series of heritage days, the restoration of traditional festivals, guided walks and activities held over a six month period that will celebrate and promote the uniqueness of Trent Vale.

Newsletters and promotional material

We are producing three Trent Vale community newsletters each year detailing progress and upcoming events and we have developed a Trent Vale brand.