Explore the Trent Vale

Come and explore what Trent Vale has to offer, whether on foot, bike, boat or laptop.

Trent Vale offers a rarely found mix of remoteness, industry and agriculture waiting to be discovered.

Experience the wide open skies stretching out above rich farmland, rare habitats and the wide, meandering river. Use the resources below to explore what the area has to offer.


Experience the Trent Vale, from walking and cycling to boating. Download some circular heritage trails or find out what else there is to do in the area.

Walking is one of the best ways to discover the Trent Vale and its villages


Trent Vale's history can be illustrated through the exceptional richness and diversity of historic features and sites.

The Newark Torc is an Iron Age gold alloy object that was possibly as an offering to the Gods. Now at the British Museum.


Habitats across the Trent Vale have significant regional and national wildlife value, many in isolated pockets while others cover wide areas of grassland meadow and wetland hosting a diverse range of species.

Water voles are making a comeback in Trent Vale thanks to conservation work to improve wetland habitats. Photograph: John Smith


The Trent Vale landscape is one of big skies, small villages, farming and industry with the River Trent at its heart.

Power stations and extensive farmland characterise the Trent Vale floodplain


Have a look at the Trent Vale map, find out how to get to the area or use this site to signpost you to our related links and resources.

Clapper gates are a unique but classic feature along the River Trent.