Heritage art panels available for display 12 March 2012

The lives of five of Newark's most distinguished artists have been depicted on panels by local community group.

Panel on Newark artist William John Carpane.Nicholson print of rowers being coached by man on horse from Nicholson's 1928 Almanac of Twelve Sports.

Newark Art panels are now complete and an exhibition programme is now being developed.

The panels have been created by the Newark Archaeological and Local History Society (NALHS) as part of the Trent Vale's Tales project. They tell the lives of five of Newark's most prominent artists including:

William John Carpane (1855-140) - horticulturist and artist who was internationally renown for hybridising the iris as well as his detailed botanical paintings.

William Harold Cubley (1816 - 1896) - artist, teacher and Mayor.

Peter Brannan (1926 - 1994) - artist, teacher and exhibitor at the Royal Academy.

Sir William Newzam Prior Nicholson (1872 - 1949) - printmaker and artist, exhibited at the Royal Academy and knighted in 1936

Robert Kiddey (1900 - 1984) - artist, sculptor and teacher in newark for over 50 years. Works exhibited at the Royal Academy and in Paris.

There is an aditional panel on William Nicholson's Olympic gold medal for art at the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics when the Olympics rewarded excellence in other fields of human endeavour such as literature, music and art. Nicholson produced his Almanac of Twelve Sports in 1898 with bold woodblock prints accompanied by lines of verse by Rudyard Kipling.

The aim of this project is to raise awareness of Newark's artistic heritage in less traditional venues such as doctors surgeries and cafes. NALHS are now working on a programme of exhibiting the panels and so far have bookings for several venues. If you would like to display the panels in your local venue please contact Jill Campbell 01636 821781 .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).