Riverside Audit Walk 05 July 2012

East Stockwith and Walkerith - 12th July 2012

volunteers at Knaith

The Riverside audit is part of the Trent Vale project and is aimed at collecting information about archaeological features along the riverbank. Due to navigation and flood-bank work over the years it is very rare that anything archaeological is found on these walks. As such it is best to view them as an opportunity to have a stroll along the river with the archaeologists and learn a little about the archaeology of the area on the way! If anything is found to record that will be a bonus!

Meet in the car park of the Ferry House Pub in East Stockwith at 10.15 to set off at 10.30. The pub has given permission to use their car park and after the walk the archaeologists will be having lunch there and you are more than welcome to do the same.

The walk is about 3 miles.

Contact Emily Gillott for more information on 0115 9696 525 or email her here