Springhead Brewery, Laneham - 14th July - 12 Noon 05 July 2012

Come along and watch The Rattlejag Morris dancers and take a sip of Aegir Blonde the ale that Springhead have developed for the Trent Vale.

Rattlejag Morris

Rattlejag Morris is a mixed dance side formed in January 2002 with the aim of reviving and developing a dance tradition based in the own local area. Local research shows that Morris dancing survived in parts of Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire till late in the C19th, lasting longest in association with the winter Plough Monday celebrations.

The dancing they do is very different from that usually associated with most 'morris dancing'. One feature is that they use a variety of rattles and shakers to give each dance its own distinctive sound. Other dances feature bellsticks to which long ribbons are attached. Their repertoire also now includes broom dances based on material from Lincolnshire and three dances developed by Retford's Broadstone Morris.

Visit their website for more information here