Sturton - On a Roman Road to Nowhere? 28 June 2012

Wednesday 4th July, 7pm at Sturton Village Hall, in the conference room

Sturton church

Nottinghamshire County Council potential archaeological project.  It's an open talk for anyone who is either local, generally interested, or keen to help out with fieldwork. No need to book, just come along if you fancy finding out more.

Emily and her colleague Lorraine will first present a talk on Sturton le Steeple. This will look at what we know about the development of the village, its possible relationship to the Roman town of Segelocum, and how the area fits in to the national Roman picture. The aim of the evening is to hopefully get moving on a potential archaeological project in the village, looking for the Roman road and clues to the village's origins.

After the talk we will look at identifying plots of land where people might be happy to have a small test pit, and land which could be field walked or subject to geophysics, or other archaeological investigation. We will also take down the names of people interested in helping out with any digging or fieldwalking.

Lastly we will be doing our best to identify any finds that people bring along. We know very little about Sturton and the surrounding area, and hopefully by plotting on a map where people have found different things we can start to build up a proper picture.