Trent Vale Ale Named 19 April 2012

Thank you for all your entries in our name the ale competition we can now announce our winner.

Winner of Name the Ale

We received over 30 entries in the name the Trent Vale Ale competition, it was a difficult choice but we have chosen a winning name.

The winning name is: Aegir Blonde by Andrew Hindmarsh resident of Collingham.

Well done Andrew, your prize of a 9 pint keg is waiting for you - enjoy!

This name was perfect because the Trent Aegir is a naturally occuring tidal wave (or bore); a phenomenon that ocurs in the lower reaches of a select number of rivers throughout the world with large tidal ranges. It is caused by a particular combination of tides and its funnel-shaped estuary. It usually appears during high spring tides, but its size can be affected by winter floods and the resulting rise in water level.

Good places to see the Trent Aegir include East and West Stockwith and around Gainsborough. Do you know of any other places?

Check out the Environment Agency Trent Aegir forecast 2012 if you want to go and see it.