Your County Needs Moo! 12 December 2011

Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trusts cow appeal - please help them to raise funds for their own herd of Lincoln Red cattle.

Lincoln Red cattle. Photograph: Paul Freshney

As part of the Trent Vale Landscape Partnership, Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust is aiming to raise £25,000 to purchase and maintain a herd of rare breed cattle, for grazing important meadow habitat within the Trent Vale and across Nottinghamshire.

The Trust will initiall purchase 10 Lincoln Red heifers and 1 Lincoln Red bull to establish a breeding herd.

So why a herd of Lincoln Red cows?

The simple fact is that over the past 50 years we have lost 98% of the UK's wildflower meadows. This valuable habitat was originally a product of traditional livestock farming, where farmers would graze locally bred cattle on their land. Grazing cows prevent the growth of other plants and shrubs, so wildflowers then thrive - great news for the wonderful wildlife that relies on this habitat for their survival. Over the years this method of farming has been on the decline. Beautiful wildflower meadows have been lost forever, replaced by more intensive forms of livestock farming. We believe the only way to guarantee a future for our wildflowers is to reinstate traditional livestock farming as it used to be done.
Lincoln Reds were bred specifically to thrive on grassland habitat, with no need for fertilisers or other food sources. They are perfectly suited to this job - professional grazers who are a living part of our heritage! Our herd will also help us to demonstrate the landscape and biodiversity benefits of traditional livestock management, both to the farmers of today and to the public.

How to donate

If you would like to help Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust reach their Cow Appeal target, please make a donation - large or small. There are 2 easy ways to donate to the Cow Appeal:

Donate by Cheque - please post cheques, made payable to Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, to:
The Old Ragged School
Brook Street

Donate by Text - to donate £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 using your mobile phone, please text COWS21 then leave a space and enter the amount you wish to donate, ie: COWS21 £5 and send to 70070. Your text will simply cost the price of a regular text from your phone, plus of course the value of your donation. All of the money you donate will go directly to the NWT Cow Appeal in full, with no additional charges.

For further information, please visit the NWT website – Thank You!