Two Little Dicky Birds at Holy Trinity Primary School, Newark

Holy Trinity Primary School were awarded funding from the Trent Vale Landscape Partnership to create local wildlife-inspired mosaics for their outdoor space.

Dragonfly mosaic designed by the children after an inspiring talk by Paul Bennett from the RSPBKingfisher, one of the bird designs, before the mosaic processCompleted mosaics on wall with Foundation 1 class at Holy Trinity School, Newark

Trent Vale contributed towards this project bringing together Polish and English families and connecting them with their local landscape and wildlife.

A local RSPB Warden from Langford Lowfields and Beckingham Marshes visited the school to show images and talk about wildlife along the River Trent. Herons and kingfishers were chosen as subjects for the artwork. Children and their parents were then taught how to design and create mosacs. A freelance mosaic artist was contracted to work with the children to produce the final designs and the completed artwork is now installed on the outside of the Foundation Building at the school. Trent Vale grants funded £900 towards the project.

As well as young people learning more about their local wildlife heritage, one of the primary outcomes this project achieved was socialising Polish parents with English families, enhancing the sense of community. The project generated 56 volunteer hours with input from parents.