Marton’s Roman past community-led interpretation panel

Trent Vale community grants has funded a community-led information panel about Marton's fascinating Roman heritage.

The village of Marton in Lincolnshire has an extraordinary heritage that is celebrated by the local community.

It is the the site of a major Roman road and ford that led to the settlement of Littleborough (then known as Segelocvm) in Nottinghamshire on the west bank of the Trent, connecting the east side of the River to the west. Marton is also the site of a small Roman fort that guarded this important Trent crossing.

Marton's community wanted to celebrate its heritage with an information panel. After being awarded £1,800 from the Trent Vale community grants fund, the community used a combination of their own expertise and professionals to create a hard-wearing panel that provides information to visitors in the area. The panel has been placed in the yard of the Church of Saint Margaret of Antioch, close to the site of the old Roman road.