Stripping the Willow at Norwell School

A project at Norwell School to celebrate the traditional local industry of willow growing and basketry has been supported by Trent Vale grants.

Weaving detail on the willow domeChildren from Norwell School learning how to create the willow dome in their school grounds

Connecting young people with local, traditional industry is the theme for this project.

Willow growing for basketry is a traditional industry of many villages along the River Trent, indeed osiers are still grown in the village of Norwell in Nottinghamshire. Children of Norwell Church of England Primary School explored and celebrated their local heritage in this multidisciplinary project.

Trent Vale grants funded £1,800 towards a variety of willow-themed school projects including learning skills in willow growing, preparation and weaving, creation of a willow dome in the school grounds and taking part in 'Stripping the Willow' country dancing.