NWT Ashton’s Meadow SSSI

This ancient meadow has been described as the best example of a rich neutral grassland in Nottinghamshire.

 Ashton's Meadow is a scarce type of habitat known as unimproved pasture and has been designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Ancient ridges and furrows, remnants of an agricultural system from the Middle Ages, are clearly visible on this site. A variety of species thrive including cowslip, green winged orchid, yellow rattle, pignut, adders tongue and oxeye daisy. Such unimproved pasture habitat is scarce in Nottinghamshire, and this site is carafully managed using traditional methods including cutting for hay in July.

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Ashton's Meadow is located 2km East of Treswell Wood in North Nottinghamshire. Visitors are asked to avoid trampling the hay crop (May to June), and disturbing grazing animals (August to February). The entrance at (SK787800) can be reached from South Leverton, along Rampton Lane (0.7km). A second entrance is at the opposite end of Rampton Lane, at Catchwater Drain Bridge east of Treswell. A public footpath crosses the site, running north south, just inside the western boundary.

If you would like further information about the reserve, or are interested in getting involved in the management of the site, please call the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust office on 0115 958 8242.

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