NWT Beacon Hill Conservation Park

Beacon Hill Conservation Park is Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust's largest urban reserve providing a green oasis bordered by residential and industrial areas.

Feathery seed heads of old man's beard at Beacon Hill Conservation Park, Newark

To the north east of Newark town centre is the Beacon Hill Conservation Park covering 20 hectares of land on a former gypsum mine.

It has an extensive network of habitats with a significant wildlife value including scrub, woodland, wildflower meadow and hedgerow. Species of interest include two moths that are rare in Nottingham - the fern, and Haworth's pug. Larvae of these species feed on buds and flowers of the native Clematis, old man's beard, that grows on the reserve. Management of the site will focus on improving the grassland area by introducing an annual hay cutting regime. Volunteers welcome.


The reserve has pedestrian and cycle access off Beacon Hill Road, Newark. In the future there will be car parking and further pedestrian access facilities from Jessop Close in the Newark Industrial Estate.

Visit the Beacon Hill Conservation Park website here.